Step 1:

Step 2:

Check the Sensors tab to see your robot's heartbeats. If the robot is connected, the heartbeats number will be changing. To set up your servos, first click the Configure tab.

Step 3:

The Configure tab enables us to tell the Arduino what devices are connected to it.

Our Quizbot has two servos. Select servo from the drop down menu twice to add two servos.

Step 4:

Now select the Pins on the Arduino where you plugged in each servo.

For this example, the servos are plugged into Pins 3 and 4.

Step 5:

Once the Pins are selected, you can now Configure the Quizbot by clicking the Configure button. The servos on the Quizbot should move position to 90 degrees!

Step 6:

Now that you have Configured the Quizbot, you can check if the servos work by switching to the Drive tab.

Step 7:

Since you added two servos, you now have two sliders in the Drive window.

Drag them around and make sure that your servos move correctly.

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